Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spice! Spice! Spice! Spice!...

Spice Carnival Band... Who would have ever thought that I would be into carnival this much!?!? It's kinda weird that 'ah like eet' too.

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It's been one year since I started to working with spice, and one of the first jobs (excluding the Corperate Identity Design and stationary system) was an invitation & e-invitation done for their first media launch. The reviews were great. The actual invite was mentioned in an earlier blog. Here is a look at the e-vite.

The next big project was to do their 2009 Carnival Catalog titled the Spice Carnival Cookbook. That years presentation was titled "The Missing Ingredient..."

For 2010 the presentation is titled "The Spice Route" and the catalog titled the Spice Carnival Atlas.

If you are REALLY into the carnival thing check out Trinidad Carnival Diary and Afro Chic. They both have had something nice to say about spice. :)


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  1. Carnival Diary....shudnt be mentioned as saying nice things LOL. that blog rellllll ANTI spice boy...