Monday, May 4, 2009

Spice Carnival Media Launch Invite

Spice Carnival Band... Year 2.
About one year ago I was approached with an opportunity to do all the communication for a new carnival band called SPICE. My initial decision was, NO. I thought the persons of such an industry wouldn't be able to see value in me (even though it shouldn't be as such). Just by looking at what existed in the industry, from a Graphic Design perspective I thought was enough to justify my inference. I thought what would be required was quick easy developments of already existing media, and ... I don't do that. :)

Fortunately after meeting and knowing the very young and progressive individuals that were responsible for the band my decision quickly changed. I think that with their collaboration, I was allowed to grow even as I have helped them grow through visual communication and advertising.

One very attractive piece was the media launch invite. This project required a very memorable, attractive piece that would communicate the essence of the band and spark the curiosity of its future patrons.
Media Launch Invite

Media Launch Invite Media Launch Invite IMG_5762 invite3 IMG_5765
The invite was very well recieved by both the client and the attendees.

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