Monday, July 20, 2009

Plenty to talk about

The last month was real therapy. Plenty work, REAL erotic pleasure, No KY, a spicy month with a funkee twist. I want to just crammitall into one post but I'll break it down for you over the next week or so.

Just to highlight some of the events, firstly there was erotic art week. The first exhibition that I have ever had a part to play in. The reviews was bessss! I plan to do it again next year. I'm really proud of my collegues as well; Dave Williams, Richard Rawlins, Rodel Warner, Marylin Morrison, Darren Cheewah and Marlon Darbeau. These guys all had an excellent showing at erotic art week. Also check out indiGROOVE, Plenty coverage.

Then we have spice, plenty rush work, that I must admit that I'm kinda pleased about. (or at least not totally disgruntled about) Congrats to the Spice Carnival Band. They have plenty of rough edges but I think that they are gonna work it out. Read about them if you into the
carnival thing

Then there is funkezee... I'm really happy that this project is coming out the way it is. I have my hands full with commercial work... There will be plenty time to draw later... I guess.

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