Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erotic (niceornasty)

My first ever exhibition and a REAL NICE feeling. Not only to take part in the exhibition, but also to have been able to help the organisers. The work wasn't bad either. Plenty artist and designers of different backgrounds coming together for the purpose of eroticism. fun, fun, FUN!!!!
The best part was the discussions that erupted. Trinidad is a KINDA place where these KINDA things are KINDA suppressed... so we got to go to the discussions and Rodell's photo booth to let it out!!!


I decided to do a study on my favorite part of the female anatomy (If you see it, you see it) and also to put in a little play on words. The piece was titled "Piggie Bank". It was a statement on the role that sex plays when it comes to money, which is that "SEX = $". It was also a pun on one of our popular creolé slangs used to describe... well... if you see it you see it... :)




I really enjoyed this project and the opportunity to produce work that could ... well Dave Williams said it best:
"Not art in education, not art to keep the youth off the street, not art to simply pretty the walls. Erotic Art Week wants to present work that provokes the mind, enlivens the sentences, or at least envokes a blush"


Other attractions included, Marlon's "Playful Things", Ivaek's "CHIZ*L" fashion presentation, "Richard's "Out of Context", Daniella's "The Public Private", Rodel's Photo Booth, Sabrina's "My Ugly Cunt..." Darren's "17W and many other artists in Trinidad & Tobago. Check them out at the Erotic Art Week website and the indiGROOVE website

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  1. Absolutely love Piggie bank !!

  2. Can't tell you how surprised and pleased I was that you took part and exhibit! I loved it! Do More! :)