Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What tha HELLER!!!

The Draconian Switch Magazine is in the Daily Heller in an article called "Turn on the Switch"

Let's give thanks and praise that we have a Draconian Switch Magazine.

Steven Heller has given our little magazine and design community a little mention in his segment on the the website www.printmag.com

If you scroll down near the bottom... you can see my name. HELLER YEAH! It says, "The website is run by another young designer, Anderson Mitchell." HELLER YEAH! ... oh and it also mentions friends, colleagues and fellow designers Marlon Darbeau, Richard Rawlins (DSM creator & founder) and Tanya Williams as well as writer & co-worker Darryn Boodan

last note, for those who dont know who Steven Heller is, he is an art director, journalist, designer, critic, author, and editor who specializes on topics related to graphic design. Yuh Dunn KNOW!

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