Monday, August 17, 2009

Joga Abundância

Capoeira Capoeira.
Capoeira for Emancipation, Capoeira for class, Capoeira for film and Capoeira for fun.
here are some photographs of my second passion taken by friends, family and myself...

IMG_2465IMG_2463 copyIMG_2496IMG_2714IMG_2729

Life is only learnt by living. Capoeira is life. When I joga (play) it's like simplifying all the complicated shit that life throws at you. When life sends a "Meia Lua de Compasso" (it's pretty much a circular kick)... all you need to do is "Esquiva Basic". (a basic escape)

IMG_0934IMG_0815IMG_0977 copyIMG_0854

We Joga in a roda (a circle. *pronounced 'horda') The circle represents life, but it is customary to keep all the negativity out of it. Good vibes, positive energy (AXÉ) and no malice.
The objective is to play with your opponent and not against them.

BTW... Photographs are by Rodell RMR and myself

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