Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anansi & Sky God

Animation for Anansi & Sky God, done for an act at the CHOGM People’s Forum. The play, which paired veteran local folk storyteller Aunty Thea with Dave Williams, the country’s top avant-garde choreographer and personal friend and co-worker. I thought this was a great collaboration and a wonderful opportunity to innovatively include animation which interacted with the acting, narration and choreography.

One of the characters I was asked to portray, and have interact with the actors was Osebo the leopard. The leopard was approached and tricked into being tied up by Anansi. (not a very smart leopard)

Special congratulations and thanks to Rubadiri, Tanty Thea and Dave and his dancers for a great collaboration of theater, design, dance, direction and animation. It turned out really great.

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